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Why List With Us

We provide you with the tools to reach an underrepresented market of men who want to dress well, but don't like the current complex retail marketplace. Cayenne uses tech to help bridge the gap between the complexities in fashion and men who just want to dress well.

Your Brand in the Spotlight

You don’t have to compete with other brands to get seen. By selling one item a day, your brand, and only your brand is the focus for all of our users.

Our in house photographer and visual media team dedicate hours to capture each product in the way it deserves to be seen.

Our pricing model makes working with Cayenne risk free for you. Your brand faces no upfront costs.

Each item is only listed for 24 hours, so you quickly receive payment and can ship the product. No need to worry about holding on to inventory long term and being uncertain of whether or not it will sell.

We give customers direct access to your home website, so they can buy other products directly from you.

Selling with Cayenne is free marketing for you. We target men who aren’t shoppers and are unlikely to discover your brand otherwise.

Even if customers don’t buy through us, they have still discovered your brand.

Stop paying without guarantee of customer acquisition. Only pay if someone purchases the product.

At Cayenne we believe in the power of partnership. You provide the product and we provide the customer. Together we grow your business.

Our target demographic does not spend time searching for clothing, we will give you access to a large untapped market.

These are new customers to the industry. They are not yet loyal to any brands: become their new favorite brand.

You make phenomenal products and we use technology and proven behavioral economics to find you long lasting customers. Do what you do best.

Get Discovered

Today, clothing brands compete to get discovered and spend large amounts of money on “targeted” ads. Saturated marketplaces and overpriced social media platforms lead to high marketing costs and poor ROI.

Unfortunately acquisition rates are still very low as most men don’t want to be looking for clothing when going about their everyday routine. At Cayenne, our goal is to give men a easy to use platform where they can explore new brands and feel confident in what’s being listed.

How it works

Cayenne handles payments, customer acquistition, and customer support, giving you more time to focus on what you do best: making great products.


Send us some of your hot items that you feel are Cayenne worthy.


Work with our seller success team.


24 hours in the Cayenne spotlight.


New loyal customers who will come back to you for more.

Happy Sellers

Get ready to join the ranks of the Cayenne sellers who have seen significant growth by listing with us.

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