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The easy way for men to dress well

What we do

We are an app that features one new item a day.

Our priority is creating a simplified marketplace for the everyday man that features:


Our mission is to limit the amount of time you spend shopping. We offer a quick yes or no decision for 24 hours or until the item is sold out.


There are thousands of cool brands that have yet to be discovered. We do the work of finding the cool brands so you can discover them.

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Most men don’t want multiple options nor want to waste time making decisions when shopping. We hand pick every item so you will be satisfied and look great.

Exclusive Prices

More users gives us the ability to list "hotter" brands, so we can pass the savings on to you. Get more compliments, without breaking the bank.


No subscription, no password, no messy marketplace. With an app, we can personalize your shopping experience and unlock top quality items at a price not available to the public.

What we list

We filtered out all the crap.
Everything we list is picked with the following in mind:


Quality is a priority, we hand test each item.


At Cayenne, we aim to choose items that will stay in style for years to come.


We choose items that will work with most outfits.

Hip Brands

There are thousands of clothing brands in the world, we serve up only the best.


Cayenne identifies clothing that looks great, so you can rake in the compliments.

Reasonable Price

We work to make sure you're paying a fair amount and are looking great.

A taste of Cayenne

We challenge the traditional shopping model

Who we are

men's fashion + tech = cayenne

Historically, men's retail clothing has targeted men who like to shop. Like most men, we don't like to shop, so we created a retail experience for guys like us.

We come from backgrounds in the tech industry, with a combined 15 years of experience in e-commerce. With big players such as Shopify dominating the e-commerce industry, many feel the industry is too saturated. We think otherwise. We built the Cayenne platform from the ground up. Cayenne offers a new perspective of how to reach an untapped market of men like us.

We believe that most men want to dress well, but the current retail marketplace is too complex and deters many men. We cater to men who don't care about seasons and trends. Instead we focus on quality, at a reasonable price, on a simplified platform.

At Cayenne, we see a future where shopping can be a simple, enjoyable process. We believe people should live their lives, instead of wasting time shopping. We took a high level view of the current shopping process and we've simplified it to meet most people's needs. Join us as we bring our new twist to the online shopping experience. Stop scrolling, start living.


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The more people, the more you benefit.

With more users, Cayenne can acquire more brands at better prices, passing the savings onto you.

Be Bold.

Dress Hot.

Get Cayenne.

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